Hybrid loan Program between an unsecured commercial lender and hard money real estate lender!

WBL is a direct lender offering RE-secured short-term bridge loans from 4 to 36 months. We’ll look at nearly any position on any property type up to 75% LTV (senior) – if there is equity in the property and a viable business (self-employed included), we are likely to make an offer.

This includes land and industrial properties, in addition to, residential & commercial properties. We lend nationally and have no minimum credit score (475 in some states).

Borrowers with additional net equity in their property(s) who need more capital are ideal for our programs, as we can take any position behind a first or second mortgage -- up to 70% CLTV on Residential properties (Primary homes included), 65% CLTV on Commercial properties and up to 50% LTV on Raw Land (first position only).

*We do not require borrowers to pay off their low rate first position mortgages or HELOC's.

*We’re able to piggy-back conservative LTV loans.

WBL’s Niche:

  • We take on credit challenged borrowers
  • We take any position on any property type, except for Land (1st position only)
  • We have very minimal upfront docs; Application, REO and Bank Statements
  • No required due diligence fee or upfront points
  • Low upfront third-party deposits ($590 for residential and $1,565 for commercial / industrial) – Specialty & 20 acre + properties may require more / appraisal
  • Very flexible credit box & pricing – underwritten manually
  • Quick turn-around (5 – 15 business days depending on property type & complexity)


You will find it beneficial to have us in your back pocket for those difficult, out of the ordinary files and files you simply just don’t want on your books.


What sets us apart are our niche programs that allow borrowers to tap into collateral and equity that is otherwise inaccessible due factors such as, senior liens/judgments, credit profile, property type; including Land, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Farms, Childcare, Restaurants, Owner Occupied Homes, Fix & Flips, Purchase Transactions, etc.

Joseph Emmons
Associate, Assistant Sales Manager

World Business Lenders
WBL California, LLC, a Licensed California Finance Lender and Broker


101 Hudson St, 33rd Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Direct: (212) 220-3986
(646) 417-5866


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