I am an account manager willing to help those that have lost their earnings in one way or another trading. I give you my word that i will meet up with the following criteria


* You can create your own account with our recommended broker, and then you have access to it at anytime, fund it and send me the details for management.

*85% profit daily

*With a minimum investment of $550 your ROI is estimated at $7,600 at the end of 14 trading days. $1000 earns you $15,000 and $1,500 earns $22,050.

*Payout within 72 hours after the end of every trading period.


I have worked with a couple of traders and they can bear witness of this. I trade for people for a living, so i do this full time. Contact me here on Facebook or Whatsapp: +1 (631) 542-4531if you're interested.

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