I have the following scenario:

My friend is selling his wine bar. The bar has not been open 3 years so does not show tax returns to go with standard financing. The buyer has a stable job and wants to purchase on a 3-5 year term. Help!?



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Send me your Executive Summary & Scenario at info@wblgroup.net

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Funding packages available we fund all sectors aimed at capturing secular trends to generate long-term, sustainable returns. Our approach begins by identifying an acceptable level of risk, we have deal sizes ranging from 1MM to 800MM. Rate 5% and Term up to 30 Years we offer funding in various sectors such as : Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Constructions, Bridge Loans, Business Loans, with good ROI. For more information contact processing department on taic-invest@5d6d.cn


If you have not already found funding, perhaps I may be of assistance. If you're client has at least 20% down+closing costs, the LTV is 65% or under, client has adequate income to cover the debt service, I would be interested in submitting the file. 

Give me a call to discuss. 

Thank you.

David Montano 
Commercial/Residential/Business Finance
Empire Real Estate Solutions
909 219-4016 Direct



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