one of my former residential loan offices had a client call me that we had arranged financing for many times back in the day.....he had a number of small business operations and want to buy a new commercial condo(warehouse) sales price $584,000 with 10% down ,,,,anybody know of this type of money....if not what is the minimum down?  I would be acting as broker

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Attached is information application on a small balance loan program that offer 80% LTV funding with 20% down.

Should you have questions please contact me.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services




Mr. Haywood,

I can assist both you and your client with securing an acquisition loan for a commercial condo/warehouse property. I'm a broker in Virginia (we can co-broker this). I have no upfront fee and the lender is waiving the appraisal fee on all May loan submissions - also no lender points. Contact me to discuss in greater detail: (800) 230-1424.

Doug Braxton
Commercial Mortgage Broker
Braxton and Company, LLC
P: (800) 230-1424 |

If it is an operating business that is buying the warehouse, why don't you just get an SBA loan?

Rich Coppage
DerCam Capital Advisors, LLC

O: 480.389.3988 | C: 480.215.9909  |

We can do this funding if you are still interested in funding. 

You can contact us @

Looking forward to work with you. 



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