Hi, I reached out to you back in September of this year regarding funding for a mobile home park and you did respond, however, you did not provide any method for me to reach you other than here.

In your response to me you mentioned being willing to work with me and alluding to your website, but you did not provide your url and unfortunately I still have not been able to make contact with you other than here.

If you would please call me at 910-587-1157 or at least email me your url so that I may contact you through your website.  Thank you.

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We give out all kinds of loans with a very low interest rate of 2%. Contact us with your name, country, loan amount needed, loan duration, monthly income,cell phone number,sex via E-mail   michaelstonelenders@yahoo.com.hk

Hello Mr. Allah,

My firm, Secure Commercial Funding Group, LLC also provides funding for mobile homes and a mobile home park would not be out of the question.  Why don't we chat.  Please call me at 617-431-3752 x701.  Please also view my website at www.securecommercialfg.com   I look forward to speaking with you. 

Krista Birardi

Send me a executive summary of your project to scharlesthomas1@gmail.com

or call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541

Hi Ha'Son,

If you are still looking for funding, give me a call

Best Regards,
Tony Chorrushi
(765) 236-6002


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