Project predictability "Got Modular"

Off site built, or buying in ready-made modules, delivered ‘just-in-time’ for installation, brings much-needed predictability to projects which are, by their nature, subject to change. Concurrent production of elements alongside groundworks & foundation work could tighten project timelines by 50%-60%. Project benefits such as faster capital returns and less cost on money including better construction control, thanks to controlled production conditions. Arriving up to 90% complete with quality & state inspection certification, cost & time for on-site are processes reduced.

▪Safety benefits, Production in a controlled & predictable environment in the factory is standard, bringing considerable safety benefits & removing the need for certain working at height issues & costs.

▪Ease of BIM, The benefits of modular thinking go hand in hand with BIM. With each module comes the potential for plug-and-play BIM object data, ready to plug into the BIM database. Making it a perfect fit production processes are easy. BIM has been part of Modular forever, but new challenge for construction groups who have not been part of BIM change.

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