Looking for private funding, bridge loan, possible equity partner for approved subdivision that is mixed use, needs to be re-engineered to accommodate large scale housing project. Currently private funded, and party wants out. I am not looking for 'consultants' or middlemen, and also not amenable to upfront fees, site/inspection fees. I understand funding costs, and they can be paid at closing/funding.

Seeking approx $550k

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Good afternoon:

Is this a 60 acre parcel in Andover?  What are you looking to do with the parcel?

Nancy Horanzy

Yes it is..It is an approved 10 lot subdivision, 8 residential lots, 2 commercial. It is for sale, looking to either sell or refinance for a term of 1-2 years. Private money behind it currently. Can also be re-engineered for cluster housing, as the town is in the process of rezoning the area to allow for it.

Hi Keith:  I am well versed in the property as we looked at acquiring the same.  My partner has extensive experience with land development.  You are over paying if you are looking at 550K.  Nancy

Nancy, I own it, and am selling it. I have owned it for 6 years. The town is in the process of rezoning the area, to allow for more flexibility in development, including cluster housing. I have private money behind it, and am very flexible in my price.


If you are looking for additional info on my subdivision, you can email me directly at calrwd@yahoo.com.



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