Our Private Investment Funds still have several Billion to lend and escrow this quarter.

Here are the proposed Line of Credit terms.

Line of Credit Financing - Up to 30 Year LOC Term


Loan Amounts:          USD$10,000,000.00 to $300Million

Interest Rate:             6.00% APR (Starting)

Index:                         Based on WSJ Prime plus 0.50%

Draw Term:               10 Years

Repayment Term:     20 Years

Total LOC Term:      30 Years

Revolving LOC:        Available

Personal Recourse:   Not Required

Points:                        1.00% total

Time to Fund:            Approximately 30 business days after all required documents have been received for underwriting review.

Our Investment Funds have asked us to help them offload their money into escrow accounts for our Experienced Clients in the form of 'non-revolving'Lines of Credit asap this month!

  • ''Experienced-Based'' Lines of Credit
  • Not tied to personal or business credit ratings!
  • Only Charged Interest On Amounts Drawn!

We have the Best Funding Solution to start your year with an extra $10Million to $300Million in an escrow account in your company's name. Shop for and fund commercial real estate investments and developments with ease using an experience-based line of credit.

Get a Commercial Line of Credit approved with Proof of Funds Letter to purchase and/or develop any feasible commercial property(ies) within 10 business days.

  • Up To 100% LTV for ''A rated'' Properties!
  • 100% LTC Financing for Developments; up to 80% of ''As Completed'' Project Value!
    • 100% LTC Finacing for Rehab Projects; up to 75% of ARV!
  • All Commercial Property Types Considered for Funding Disbursements!
  • Fast Approvals and Fast Funds Disbursements!
  • Land-Only Purchases Are Also Allowed!
  • Carry A Verifiable Proof of Funds For All of Your Deals!

(The time from LOC Approval to disbursement of the funds is approximately 10 business and a total funding time frame of within 30 business days from receipt of documents for initial transactions. Each subsequent draw of funds from escrow is approximately 5 business days from the submission of requests for new commercial property purchases and/or developments disbursements.)

  • Only pay interest on the amounts drawn.
    • APR As Low As WSJ Prime plus 0.50% 
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • No Personal Recourse Required
    • Lines of Credit up to 30 years depending on amount and purpose.
  • ''Low Documentation'' (Low Doc) Required
  • Available for feasible transactions in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico, Central America, South America, UK, EU, Bahamas, Caribbean and associated territories.

Lenient Lines of Credit are now being provided to clients with a good track records of success and experience in Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Get LOC funds at 6.00% APR to get your current deals funded quickly and get a line of credit to seize opportunities to purchase and/or develop feasible commercial property(ies).

Line of Credit amounts depend on principal experience level and intended use(s).

* Brokers & Agents add your commission

and enjoy full protection! 

We deliver!

For complete program information, 

CALL NOW: 1(470) 729-0351

OR EMail a request for the Line of Credit Application to:

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