Buying a small apartment community... what percent downpayment is needed?

With good credit and solid income, what percent down payment would be needed to buy a small apartment complex for less than a million dollars?

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contact me and we will discuss



For Multifamily/Apartments we need 25% DOWN. OR....If Seller Carrys back 5% on note.....then
buyer only needs 20% Down. We Allow 80% CLTV Combined Loan to Value.

NO INCOME VERIFICATION.....NO BANK STATEMENTS (except one current to show Deposit & some reserves).
NO TAXES.....NO DTI.....NO DCSR if loan under $750k!....& NO POINTS!!!

Please call me:

Cindra Ranieri
Velocity Mortgage Capital
818 338 9784

My name is James am the Managing Director of FINANCE OUTSOURCE SERVICE LLC located in Nevada USA and my lending interest rate is 6 percent. You can email me the amount you seek as loan and the repayment duration if you are interested in my service.

Contact The Financial Mall, LLC a platform of the most diverse lenders and investors, we are affiliated with lenders, banks, credit unions, pension fund managers.  It is typical 25% down plus closing costs, however, we can structure a deal through sources to reduce the down payment substantially.  Visit our website: The Financial Mall 

Multifamily Construction or Substantial Rehab FHA-HUD Loans
Multifamily Construction or Substantial Rehab Loans
FHA/HUD Section 221 (D)(4)
2.75% to 4.5% Fixed
Eligible properties: Market rate, low to moderate income and subsidized multifamily properties
Commercial space limited to 25% of net rentable area & 15% of gross income (30% underwritten EGI in urban renewal areas under Section 220)
Term & amortization: 2 year + 2 months interest only construction loan then 40 years fully amortizing
$3 to 100 Million+
No upfront fees. We are paid when your loan is funded at closing.
High LTC: Subsidized: 90% LTC with 1.11X debt service coverage; Affordable: 87% LTC with 1.15X debt service coverage; Market Rate: 85% LTC with 1.18X debt service coverage; Subsidized and Affordable: 80% LTC with 1.25 debt service coverage
Minimimum Scope of Work:
0.5% rate lock deposit refunded at closing
Low fees and points
Prepayment and assumption negotiable
700+ Credit
Strong borrower/sponsor liquidity, net worth, financials and experience required
Single asset, special purpose entity, either for profit or non-profit required
Eligible properties must: provide continuous protective oversight, offer 3 meals per day, state licensed, non-resident care not to exceed 20% of gross area & gross income, may include up to 25% non-licensed independent living units and commercial space up to 10% of gross floor area & income
Construction or rehab defined as 15% of post-rehabilitated value or replacement of 2+ major building components
Davis Bacon wages required by HUD and determined by Department of Labor
Escrows: (1) prior to construction, reserves for interest, taxes, insurance, working capital (4% of loan) and initial operating deficit; balances released to borrower 6 months after 6 consecutive months of break-even operations; (2) Post construction: taxes, insurance and mortgage insurance premium escrowed monthly and a capital needs reserve maintained with monthly deposits in accordance with HUD guidelines
Mortgage insurance premium: 0.77% payable at closing and annually until principal repaid (0.45% for tax credit deals)
HUD application fee: 0.30% of estimated loan amount due with submission of final application
Third party reports: appraisal, market study, environmental & review of final construction and architectural docs by HUD approved reviewer
Timeline: typically 12 months from due dilligence to closing

I am a representative of this company with many loan products like this one.If you're interested in this loan program please e-mail me and I will send you within 24 hours requesting your name
Your company's name and to agree that closing 1% the amount financed through the company I am representing and sending you this information.
My name as Rickey and my e-mail address Thank you and god bless you

Try this one.   Email or text me if you are interested in proceeding.   

Dwight Shook


Mobile 239-839-0754


Low Rate Program 

For credit worthy investors who want a better alternative to bank financing…

  1. Private Wall Street, Pension Plan, Hedge Fund, Private Office and Insurance Company Money
  2. 3.5% to 7%+ (Commercial)
  3. 4.5% to 7%+ (NOO Residential, Multifamily & Mixed-Use)
  4. $500,000 to $100 Million 
  5. 30 year fixed or 5/1 ARM
  6. 30 year amortization
  7. Finance up to 75% of purchase price
  8. Refi Cash-out up to 75% of appraised value
  9. 700+ credit score
  10. Tax returns required
  11. DSCR 1.15+
  12. Points: 1 or 2
  13. Prepayment: 5% for 3 years
  14. Nationwide (45 States)
  15. PRE APPROVAL in 24 business hours
  16. Loans funded: 3 to 5 weeks
  17. Foreign Nationals welcome
  18. No upfront fees..


To investor
I represent a nice solid lender that can get you great rates on Multifamily properties plus any Apartment properties throughout America.So if you are looking to Purchase, Develop or Refinance, they could do  A to D credit. They would fund Apartment properties from 180,000 to 100,000,000 only to the direct investor.However,if your fico score is under 550 you would pay 75% LTV. So here is the nice rates they are offering, if interested just click on the link below or copy and past OK Thank You

We are direct lenders providing financing to businesses for working capital,expansion,inventory,equipment purchase or emergencies at an interest rate of 4% In many cases,we can provide you with the funding you need in as little as 24 hours. We are a direct lender: not a bank merchant cash advance company or a financial factory company.
An acknowledgment to this email
(480) 645-9237


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