Buying a small apartment community... what percent downpayment is needed?

With good credit and solid income, what percent down payment would be needed to buy a small apartment complex for less than a million dollars?

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contact me and we will discuss



For Multifamily/Apartments we need 25% DOWN. OR....If Seller Carrys back 5% on note.....then
buyer only needs 20% Down. We Allow 80% CLTV Combined Loan to Value.

NO INCOME VERIFICATION.....NO BANK STATEMENTS (except one current to show Deposit & some reserves).
NO TAXES.....NO DTI.....NO DCSR if loan under $750k!....& NO POINTS!!!

Please call me:

Cindra Ranieri
Velocity Mortgage Capital
818 338 9784

My name is James am the Managing Director of FINANCE OUTSOURCE SERVICE LLC located in Nevada USA and my lending interest rate is 6 percent. You can email me the amount you seek as loan and the repayment duration if you are interested in my service.


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