Buying a small apartment community... what percent downpayment is needed?

With good credit and solid income, what percent down payment would be needed to buy a small apartment complex for less than a million dollars?

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20-25% down is what I think could be considered as a general rule of thumb. Contact me for more info regarding stabilized commercial properties and borrowers in the middle ground between A-paper and hard money.

I can offer 75LTV and 80CLTV for that property type 100k-5M loan amounts. 

No DCR on loans less than 500k. 

Maya Tremblay


You can go FHA with only a 3.5% down payment. Credit score 580+

Contact me at


Subject to the desired rates and terms, down payment could be 10-25%

The property may also determine loan to value, which can effect to minimin down payment. 

Hope that help, or contact us at 

You are looking at 75% LTV.  Will need liquidity post closing and there are extra costs involved in purchasing an apt. complex.  Will need an environmental report.  I can do stated or low doc loan on this easy. 

Brenda Harper
cell: 972-877-6805
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  • Hi.  Typically, you won't see higher leverage than 75% on the purchase.  Thus, you'll need 25% cash down, plus show 6 months of cash reserves as well.  Factor in closing costs and lender fees as well.

 With my Private Commercial Lenders you will need 25% to 30 % Down payment depending

how strong your credit is & overall investor experience .........

Best Regards,

Reggie M

We offer Multifamily financing to 75% LTV / 25 % down payment. Loan amounts from $200k to $5mm. We are a direct small-balance commercial lender.

Look forward to working with you.

10 to 20% to cover the LTV unless you are able to obtain some concessions from the seller that usually come with commercial deals,ensure that you do your due diligence and not over pay for the asset buy at a good basis that will entice a lender to say yes. Or do a pitch book and attempt to do a capital raise around the asset.


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