I work with a capital group who overs a product that is better than JV financing, because while the lender will put in up to half equity, he has no desire to manage the project. 

We also offer bridge financing to get cash backed bank guarantees, which has been a hot product for us considering that most borrowers do not have the money to get a cash backed bank instrument, and some folks do not have the money to even lease the bank instruments, and we have solved that problem.  We will give you a bridge loan to purchase the bank instrument for a minimal costs. 

You may read this and think, okay there is a cost to borrowing this money and that is true.  However, considering the amount of money we have lent for projects (projects that have borrowed $10MM to $250MM) the cost of the bridge loan is far cheaper than putting money down, or paying other fees.  You just cannot get financing this cheap.  Additionally, the finance charges will remain in an escrow account, even an escrow account of your choice; we don't want to touch the money, we just want to know that you have the money and can pay for the reservation of the bank guarantee money that the lender charges.  We are a licensed broker as well.  

I have been in banking and commercial mortgage for nearly 17 years, and I have never seen a financing vehicle as effective and efficient as the products we offer.  Our aim is make your project succeed, not gouge you for fees and money.  That isn't our objective.  

My name is Jason Ross.  You can email me at keelinternational@gmail.com to get more information.  

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