Are your portfolio banks or credit unions healthy enough to be able to sell you an REO or NPL, at deep discounts?

We will provide ALL the inside, VERIFIED DATA regarding the health of your portfolio bank and/or credit union.

We will save you months of painful time and effort regarding doing real business without the banks hidden agendas and their bank regulators.


You will quickly know all the inside information. Including the names of the decision makers you need to contact.

We will do all the investigation needed to save you time and money to make profits in an accelerated manner. Get right to the point ~

Bank Detectives

Sumara Buchanan

505-204-8109 Sorry no text. USA only ~

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Hello Ford Mortgage Service Co,

Thank you so much for viewing my advertising “Bank Detectives” on the Real Estate Finance site.

I am also sourcing distressed commercial construction and distressed multifamily properties. Should you be interested in purchasing or partnering properties at deep discounts or putting my Bank Detectives to good use, just let me know.

I will serve your needs to your satisfaction.

When I am ready to establish a loan I will, for sure, reach out to Ford Mortgage.

My Pleasure,

Sumara Buchanan

Bank Detectives

Lucrative Property Investing

My personal contact info.

505-204-8109 No Text Please


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