Anyone interested in Investing in Australian Real Estate, &/or Australian Farms ?

Got a few Aussie contacts for anyone interested. Also IF sufficient interest would like to set up an Aussie Real Estate Investment Company, for the sole purpose of buying suitable Aussie Residential Properties, and have them available for Private Rental income, which is then shared amongst the Investor/investors over a period of time. As I rent a house & workshop for my own use, I have inside knowledge of the Aussie Private rental market from a tenant's viewpoint, and of some of the," shonky deals," that some mainstream Aussie Rental Agencies, & Private owners get up to, ( A ) find a tenant, or, ( B ), attempt to rent out sub-standard property, at ridiculous rental prices. Sure,- the property investor expects to make money,- but there's a sensible way to do things without being greedy, and the stupid way to make as much profit as possible, without repairing anything,- then wondering, "why?" the Government Tenancies Department, takes an active interest in your investment property when it could have been avoided with a bit of commonsense.

If interested you are welcome to contact me by either email, "snail mail," or by an international telephone call, and can discuss ideas, & suggestions.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Jenkins, Craftsman in wood.

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