Funding Range:  $10 million minimum to $5 billion

Major Categories:  Business Financing (including start-ups), Cannabis/CBD/Hemp, Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, Medical/Health Services, Products, Transportation and more.

I have a Funder with a unique program for business financing projects.  They have a structured program where they can do 100% non-recourse debt financing based on a project's forecast cash-flow.  They have a little-known outstanding program.  It is a Hybrid Debt Program designed whereby they don't ask for ownership, with their end-goal in mind for a Client to keep 100% of their ownership.

The unique value proposition is that they base a lot of their qualification on the project type and the future projected NOI; the loan can be up to 100% debt on a non-recourse/mo personal guarantee basis at probably 8% simple interest; Proposed Loan Term:  up to 10 years; and up to 3 years of deferred payments.

We will need the following information for funding:

Executive Summary of your project

Use of Funds

Ramp up schedule time table needed to reach year One

10 year proforma P&L in U.S. Dollars

Summary statement specifying the proposed loan amount in U.S. Dollars only

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