Aggressive Lender Providing Attractive Financing for Acquisition and Refinance of Commercial Properties

75% LTV

4.50% Interest Rate

5,10 year Term

30 year Am


If terms like these could assist with the closing of a Commercial deal, please contact me.

Dave Hare


Southwest Financial Group

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looking for 30 year investment deal 400k at the rate you posted send info to ghhccs@yahoo.cpm or I will call you


Can you finance a meeting hall that is rented by a church with solid payment history?

Good afternoon:  I am seeking a short term product for a newly renovated single family (4 bed, 3 bath, pool home) home in Naples, Florida.  I put it on the market at $339K, a very realistic number, but I would like to hold it for a year instead of selling immediately.  I want to leverage the property up to 80% of the appraised value to begin work on another project.  Do you have a product for this? Nancy Horanzy,, 860-888-4166.

Thank you.


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