100% Loan To Costs and 100% Combined Loan To Value Financing! - Close Quickly!

Our Private Equity Investment Funds provide 100% CLTV and 100% LTC Financing for Commercial Real Estate Property Purchases and Commercial Real Estate Property Developments (as well as Residential Developments/PUDs) based on the following primary financing program options.
If you have a Commercial Real Estate Project or Property Purchase in need of 100% Debt or JV Equity Financing, please see let us know if the program options below are a fit for financing requirement and contact us to proceed to 100%CLTV or 100%LTC financing for your Commercial Real Estate Purchases or Projects today.
Option 1: 100% CLTV - ''Combined Loan To Value'' Debt Financing - (Purchases and Refinances)
**{e.g. 90/10, 80/20, 60/40, 70/30, 50/50 Structures provided for 100% financing}**

Loan Amounts:                USD$1,000,000.00 to No Upper Limit
Interest Rates:                  2, 5 or 10 year fixed U.S. Treasury rates plus 2.50% (4.56%, 4.96% or 5.13% currently)
Amortization:                   360 months
Personal Recourse:         Not Required
Prepayment Penalty:       12 month prepay lockout; no prepayment penalty thereafter
Points:                               1.00%
Maximum CLTV:               100%
Time to Close:                  Approximately 30 business days after all required documents have been received for underwriting review.

* The Debt Financing option provides fixed terms of 2, 5, or 10 years on a 30 year amortization
* The adjustment caps are .25 annual, 1.25% lifetime cap over start rate
Option 2: 100% CLTV Joint Venture Equity Financing - (Purchases and Capital Injections)

Loan Amounts:               USD$1,000,000.00 to No Upper Limit
Profit Share/ROI:            Typically 25% to 33% (Average profit share is 'one quarter' to 'one third' of net profits.)
Loan Term:                     12 months to 120 months
Minimum ROI:                Loan amount plus the agreed ROI
Early Buyout:                 Permitted at the return of principal plus agreed ROI
Personal Recourse:       Not Required
Points:                            1.00
Maximum CLTV:            100%
Time to Close:               Approximately 20 business days after all required documents have been received for underwriting review.

* With our Joint Venture Financing, 100% of the required funds are provided in exchange for a profit share.
* All profit share payments pay toward the total ROI.
* The JV loan is considered repaid upon return of principal plus the agreed ROI.
* These loans are typically paid off prior to the term expiration via property sale or refinance.
Option 3: 100% LTC - ''Construction-To-Permanent'' Debt Financing - Development to Long Term Financing

* Development/Construction Rates are based on the LIBOR Index.

* Permanent Rates are based on the U.S. Treasury Index.

Loan Amounts:                USD$1,000,000.00 to No Upper Limit

Construction Term:        1 year LIBOR plus .50% (2.72%) 

Perm Options:   [ ] 4.56% 2 year fixed//30 year amortization//2 year Treasury +2.50       

                            [ ] 4.96% 5 year fixed//30 year amortization//5 year Treasury +2.50       

                            [ ] 5.13% 10 year fixed//30 year amortization//10 year Treasury +2.50  

Adjustment Caps:         .25% annual, 1.25% lifetime cap over start rate 

Deferment Provision:    No payments during development/construction period. Payments ledger to the loan balance.

Prepayment Penalty:     12 month prepay lockout; no prepayment penalty thereafter

Personal Recourse:       Not Required 

Points:                             1.00%

Maximum LTC:               100% of costs up to 80% of ''as completed'' value

Time to Close:                  Approximately 20 business days after all required documents have been received for underwriting review.
* The Debt Financing option provides fixed terms of 2, 5, or 10 years on a 30 year amortization
* The adjustment caps are .25 annual, 1.25% lifetime cap over start rate
The rates presented are accurate at this time and are not to be considered a rate lock until the Commitment To Fund is issued.
During the preliminary underwriting process, the Contingent Loan Approval with Proof of Funds to Close can be issued within business days after all requested documents have been received and passed underwriting review.

Closing costs may also be rolled into the loan to make it possible to net the total funding amount required at closing.
Once an Executive Summary is received, the appropriate Conditional Commitment and required Documents Check List can be provided to proceed with 1 to 3 business days.
Call: 1(931) 546-9010 or Email: legacygf@live.com to proceed with our PEI Funds toward 100%CLTV or 100%LTC funding for your CRE Purchases or Projects today.

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Can you please contact me in regards to the above programs?  I have a few files that  I would like to talk to you about.

I am looking for asset-based financing.

Property is in escrow.

40-unit motel, 2 mobile homes and 2 SFH, all on the same land.

The numbers are these:

Purchase price $799,000

Gross income $412,000

NOI $188,000

This is a ten-cap market…so the value of the property is $1,800,000

Seller is retiring, doesn’t need bulk cash, and is willing to carry a second of $399,000 @6% for 3 years.

I need $460,000 for the balance of purchase, closing costs and some cosmetic fixes.

I will refi in 3 years and consolidate to permanent financing.

Hi Ray:

If it would assist you I have a loan program right now that would allow you up to 75% of the Appraised Value. If the

Purchase price is $799,000 

Seller will carry a second for $399,000

So the needed loan is $400,000

The loan is about 50% of the Purchase Price which is good.  We would need to see the Financials, Appraisal, get an application filled out, and an NCND, please me know.

Loan would basically look like this 30 amortization, 5,7,10 due.

Rates would be 8 to 12%. I could tell you more after reviewing your file. 


Jeffrey Baase



Good Evening,

I hope all is well.

I am looking for an $8,750,000 equity based loan secured by 213 acres +/- acres valued $17,500,000.

Property / land has real estate attached.

I need to close in 7 -10 business days.

Property Attributes

The property address is 140 Aubrey Dr. Butler, PA..

The property includes a 18 Hole Golf Course (approx. 110 acres ), approx. 105 acres of vacant development land, Clubhouse, Tea House, and associated Maintenance Buildings.

All of the land with the exception of 33 acres is zoned R-2 ( 8 units per acre).

A $1,000,000.00 + Clubhouse, 60 Golf Carts, and Tea House along with golf course maintenance equip.

The property and land is owned free and clear of any liens and held in a Family Trust.

Legal Description of Property

060-2f104-13E, 060-2F104-13F, 060-2F104-23DAA, 056-4-1, 056-4-2, 056-39B.

These parcels are located in Butler and Center Twp.`s of Butler County, Pennsylvania.

Requested Loan Terms

Non-Recourse Land Loan - Quick Close is the type of loan requested. (7-10 Days)

$17,500,000 Current Market Value.

$8,750,000 Requested Loan Amount (50% LTV).

1 Year Loan Term.

10% Annual Interest Only Payments.

(The entire one (1) year of interest only payments will be prepaid at closing so that there will be no interest only payments due during the one (1) year loan term.

One (1) Point paid for Loan Origination Fees.

If Land Finance Group LLC has an interest in approving our loan request to purchase this property and need more information, please email me with the request and I will secure the requested information.

Exit Strategy

Property will be refinanced after one (1) year to repay requested loan amount.


Property will be purchased for humanitarian purposes and to be developed for assisted living facilities.

Note: All property information provided by Seller.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have via email in order to receive a preliminary decision whether or not Land Finance Group LLC is interested in financing our purchase of the above property.

Best Regards.


I have a new partner at my firm that can address this loan for you. being that the description above is for land and at 50% LTC, and you have an exit strategy of under 3 years, we would like to have a conversation with you. 

Do you have, a 5 year proforma, for this development project? 

Please call me 585.376.2505, info@1uplending.com.

Best Regards,



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